The Inspiring Old Man Seller

Inspiring Old Man

The Inspiring Old Man Seller

Defan checked his email, but there was nothing in the inbox. He was waiting for an email from a company where he was interviewed last week before. The interviewer said that he should wait for a week for the next step. But a week had passed. He tried to be positive, there might be so many applicants, so the interviewer got very busy. Defan waited for a week later, but still nothing in the email and no call at all. It was fixed that he was still jobless.

It has been almost a year he graduated from the best university in his city with a quite good score. In the alumni group, there was so much info that his friends had got jobs. Even those with a lower score, those who didn’t study seriously. He was sighing. “How can they be so lucky?” He felt so envious. Even though some of them were accepted as civil servants, it was a job that was dreamed of by many people in this country. Some were working in state-owned enterprises (BUMN), this is also the most demanded job in this country.

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Inspiring Old Man

His mind was overwhelmed by negative thinking. He felt so frustrated, He got used to washing his face when he was in a situation like that. He took wudhu and tried to be positive. To be negative-minded would not change anything, he knew it. At prayer time, he went to Masjid to do congregation prayer there. That was what his father always reminded him: never skip prayer. He always remembered his parents and prayed for them.

Another thing that made him more frustrated was the fact that he was still unable to fulfill his need without support from his parents. He made the decision to go to another city to find a job. He thought it was a good idea, but he was not sure anymore. Sometimes he thought that had never made the decision, so he never wasted his parents’ money. But it was too late. He had made it.

One day in Masjid he saw an old man selling a snack in front of Masjid. Defan approached him. He bought some, He didn’t like the food as he didn’t know how was that tasted, but he was feeling inspired by what the man did, He was an independent man though just selling snacks, He realized that to be successful he didn’t have to work at a big company.

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