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Online Quran Classes for Kids Ways

Many children face the problem of difficulty reading, which leads mothers to think that their children are less intelligent, or need psychological or behavioral help, and the fact that learning to read is not an automatic thing that a child can do alone, especially since most mothers make a common mistake, which is to start By teaching the child to read at the age of six, while the mother must start teaching her child reading skills from a young age, even from the birth of the child.  

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There are ways for best online Quran classes for kids that we follow at the AlMaher Quran Academy, including:  

  1. Keep reading to your child in bed before bed and make this a daily routine, even if his age does not allow him to understand the whole story. Over time, he will get used to hearing the pronunciation of letters and words and distinguishing them. Words and their shape.
  2. join our online Quran Classes for Kids will make your son quick to learn, as the Academy adopts a distinct and precise plan to learn Quran online.
  3. Use syllables, as they are also effective ways of learning to read, and they are suitable for children over four years old. This method relies on using words that have similar sound syllables and then slowing down during their pronunciation so that the child concludes that the words have the same pronunciation.
  4. Talk to your child using the correct pronunciation of words, as some mothers leave their children to pronounce the words incorrectly, as a kind of pampering or playing with the young and enjoying their funny pronunciation, but unfortunately, this delays the process of the child reading the words correctly, so we have to correct all the words that your child pronounces In a funny way from the beginning until he gets used to the correct pronunciation.
  5. Start by teaching your child to read the words he is familiar with that he can pronounce well. Learning to read the words he pronounces well is easier than learning a completely new word, as he is already familiar with the sound of the letters of the word. Print a big word for your child in colorful letters in his room, and hang it up.

Online Quran Classes for Kids Ways for in only 6 steps?

The Holy Qur’an will come as an intercessor for its companions on the Day of Resurrection, so we have to recite it, memorize it, understand its great meanings, and follow them, which is what we are trying to teach our children as well. Therefore, we offer you many steps for how to hifz Quran, and these steps are:

  • Set specific days for online Quran classes for kidsو then start memorizing one surah at the beginning, provided that it is short in each session.
  • First, read the surah well with The Tajweed, then explain its meanings to the child and explain the meanings and vocabulary that seem difficult for the child to understand and simplify them, then leave the child to read it and help him in that.
  • Try to repeat each verse more than once in the memorizing session until the verses are well established in his mind and he begins to memorize words from them that help him to memorize well.
  • In the next session, have the child recite the verses that he memorized and thus start memorizing a new surah in the same way as the previous one.

Online Quran Classes for Kids Structure:



Why our Online Quran Classes for Kids?

Online Quran Tutors A group of the most efficient Online Quran Tutors (men and women) with high degrees and Ijazah. 24/7 customer service Day or night, if you have any problem or inquiries, our staff is at your service. Flexible schedules We let you choose a time that works for your schedule as well as the possibility to change. custom Classes Allocating Quran Classes according to the student’s level of reading and memorization. Individual and group episodes Individual online Quran Classes for Kids or Younger with your online Quran Tutor and group sessions are available for your encouragement. Online Quran Classes for kids Available from the age of 4 years, direct lessons, teaching the Holy Quran and the Arabic language.  

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What AlMaher Quran Academy offers

  • one-on-one online Classs
  • Certificates of achievement and Ijaazah
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Expert Arab teachers from Egypt teachers Professionals in English / French
  • 24/7 support services via email, live chat and WhatsApp.

Our Teachers are highly educated Egyptian Tutors who have earned

degrees from prestigious Islamic Universities such as the Islamic University of Madinah and Al-Azhar University.

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