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Many children face the problem of difficulty reading, which leads mothers to think that their children are less intelligent, or need psychological or behavioral help, and the fact that learning to read is not an automatic thing that a child can do alone.

especially since most mothers make a common mistake, which is to start By teaching the child to read at the age of six, while the mother must start teaching her child reading skills from a young age, even from the birth of the child.  

Online Quran Classes for Kids Structure Plan

At The Last Of This Online Quran Classes for Kids Course, The student receives a certificate of appreciation indicating that he has successfully passed the first level and is qualified to study the second level “the rules of Tajweed” which adjusts the reading correctly.

  • The student starts the basics, where the teacher explains the Noorani Qaida “the foundation course“, Where the student learns about letters and their shapes and how to link words and spelling.
  • The test of the foundation course, where the teacher makes sure that the student can fully read the Quran on his own.
  • Certificate of completion of Noorani Qaida “the foundation course”.
    The Second Level is to study Tajweed Rules theoretically and practically, where the student gets able to read excellently.
  • The test of the first second level, where the teacher ensures that the student fully appreciates reading and considers The Tajweed Rules with Fully Applying.
  • Certificate of completion of the second level of the course.
  • Joining The third level is optional for the student or his family to choose Hifz Quran Online Course Or Quran Recitation Course and also Islamic Studies Course.
Hifz Quran online Structure Plan

Online Quran Classes

Online Quran Classes for Kids Course Goals:

  • The Student Can pray with a good Recitation of The Quran.
  • Learning The Arabic Language Basics.
  • Learning The Quran Basics and Read It Correctly.
  • Knowing more about the Arabic Language and memorizing Arabic Words.
  • online quran Memorization and learning the Tajweed Rules.
  • Great Recitation of The Book of Allah.

You can choose one of the following programs:

  • Studying The Noorani Qaida with Memorize some surahs of Your choice.
  • Studying The Basics and Memorize some surahs of Short Surahs
  • Studying The Basics and Learning The Arabic Language Course.

Conditions for Getting Certificates In Online Quran Classes Course:

1- Reading The Words Clearly with No mistakes.
2- Mastering the Tajweed Rules theoretically and practically.
3- Pass the Test scheduled for the online Quran Classes for Kids Course.

Online Quran Classes at your own convenience

The Student can join the Course from 4 to No Limit age.

Yes Of course You can customize Your Classes as Your availability.

We provide high quality service and highly qualified Online Quran Tutors
 So, it is not logical for the teacher to Provide his time and knowledge for free 🙂 But make sure that you will learn at the hands of distinguished Teachers, you can book with a teacher from here

after you finish Online Quran Classes for Kids Course, the design team makes a Certificate approved by the Academy and the Sheikh and send it to you to print and use it for anything.

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Alma Quran

Get Monthly Report For online Quran classes

online hifz quran classes

In This Online Quran Classes, and At The End Of The Month, The Teacher write a monthly Sheet Includes “Progress, Performance, Behavior and Recommendation Notes for The Student As Most Students like to get regular feedback about their Quran progress. We send Monthly report to Parents by emails and Whatsapp.

The Monthly report also analyze Your Personally. Where do you stand? Online Quran Tutors help students to understand which part needs their attention more and in which part they lack and need to improve.

Online Quran Classes for Kids General Advice:

  1. Keep reading to your child before bed and make this a daily routine, even if his age does not allow him to understand the whole story. Over time, he will get used to hearing the pronunciation of letters and words and distinguishing them. Words and their shape.
  2. join our online Quran Classes for Kids will make your son quick to learn, as the Academy adopts a distinct and precise plan to learn Quran online.
  3. Use syllables, as they are also effective ways of learning to read, and they are suitable for children over four years old. This method relies on using words that have similar sound syllables and then slowing down during their pronunciation so that the child concludes that the words have the same pronunciation.
  4. Talk to your child using the correct pronunciation of words, as some mothers leave their children to pronounce the words incorrectly, as a kind of pampering or playing with the young and enjoying their funny pronunciation, but unfortunately, this delays the process of the child reading the words correctly, so we have to correct all the words that your child pronounces In a funny way from the beginning until he gets used to the correct pronunciation.
  5. Start by teaching your child to read the words he is familiar with that he can pronounce well. Learning to read the words he pronounces well is easier than learning a completely new word, as he is already familiar with the sound of the letters of the word. Print a big word for your child in colorful letters in his room, and hang it up.

Benefits of memorization the Noble Quran in the Hereafter

1 – The Quran memorizer will wear his father the crown of dignity on the Day of Resurrection because he taught him.

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Online Quran Classes for Kids Ways for in only 6 steps:

The Holy Qur’an will come as an intercessor for its companions on the Day of Resurrection, so we have to recite it, memorize it, understand its great meanings, and follow them, which is what we are trying to teach our children as well. Therefore, we offer you many steps for how to hifz Quran, and these steps are:

  • Set specific days for online Quran classes for kids, then start memorizing one surah at the beginning, provided that it is short in each session.
  • First, read the surah well with The Tajweed, then explain its meanings to the child and explain the meanings and vocabulary that seem difficult for the child to understand and simplify them, then leave the child to read it and help him in that.
  • Try to repeat each verse more than once in the memorizing session until the verses are well established in his mind and he begins to memorize words from them that help him to memorize well.
  • In the next session, have the child recite the verses that he memorized and thus start memorizing a new surah in the same way as the previous one.

“‏ يَجِيءُ الْقُرْآنُ يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ فَيَقُولُ يَا رَبِّ حَلِّهِ فَيُلْبَسُ تَاجَ الْكَرَامَةِ ثُمَّ يَقُولُ يَا رَبِّ زِدْهُ فَيُلْبَسُ حُلَّةَ الْكَرَامَةِ ثُمَّ يَقُولُ يَا رَبِّ ارْضَ عَنْهُ فَيَرْضَى عَنْهُ فَيُقَالُ لَهُ اقْرَأْ وَارْقَ وَتُزَادُ بِكُلِّ آيَةٍ حَسَنَ.

The one who memorized the Qur’an shall come on the Day of Judgement and (the reward for reciting the Qur’an) says: ‘O Lord! Decorate him.” So he is donned with a crown of nobility. Then it says: “O Lord! Give him more!’ So he is donned with a suit of nobility. Then it says: “O Lord! Be pleased with him.’ So He is pleased with him and says: “Recite and rise up, and be increased in reward with every Ayah ‏”‏.

crown of honor
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وَلَقَدْ يَسَّرْنَا ٱلْقُرْءَانَ لِلذِّكْرِ فَهَلْ مِن مُّدَّكِرٍ

And indeed, We have made the Qur´an easy to understand and remember: then is there any that will receive admonition?
Among the most important characteristics of the Holy Quran are the fluidity of style and ease of memorizing its words. Sheikh Abd al-Rahman al-Saadi explained the noble verse that God Almighty facilitated and facilitated the words of the Holy Quran for performance and memorization, and its vocabulary for understanding and knowledge, especially since the Holy Quran is the truest meaning, the best word for it, and its explanation.
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Get An Online Ijazah

linguistically, Ijazah means permission, and its technical meaning is the permission to narrate through establishing a chain of narrators. In this course, the learner of the Quran can get Ijazah from a certified tutor.

The tutor will grant the learner an Ijazah for memorizing Quran when the learner memorizes the whole Quran in front of him applying the Tajweed rules.


What AlMaher Quran offers

  • one-on-one online Classs
  • Certificates of achievement and Ijaazah
  • Monthly progress reports
  • Expert Arab Male/Female teachers from Egypt Professionals in English / French and Other Languages
  • 24/7 support services via email, live chat and WhatsApp.
Quran Recitation Course

highly, Our Teachers are educated Egyptian Tutors who have earned degrees from prestigious Islamic Universities such as the Islamic University of Madinah and Al-Azhar University.

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