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Parents’ concern for their children’s memorization of the Holy Quran is one of the best deeds, especially if it is started with them from a young age. It is a good aid to the child in memorizing the Qur’an, and the child who is accustomed to hearing the Holy Qur’an from his childhood will be faster in memorizing than others, and the child can start memorizing the Qur’an by reciting since the age of three and four; Al-Tabari memorized the Qur’an at the age of seven, and Al-Suyuti memorized it at the age of six. It should be noted that the memorization of children must be from a person who has mastered the recitation of the Holy Qur’an; Whether he is one of the parents, or a teacher who has mastered the recitation of the Qur’an, with the necessity of having the Qur’an with the child during memorization; So that he gets used to looking at the words, and the way they are drawn, and linking them with his memorization and the correct pronunciation of them. It is possible to take advantage of the repeated educational tapes in memorizing the Qur’an, in addition to starting to memorize the short surahs; So that it would be easier for him,[8] and memorizing the Holy Quran has many means and methods that help facilitate memorization for children, and among these means are the following:

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Ways to memorize Quran, online Quran Classes for Kids

1- Implanting the love of the Holy Quran in the child’s soul; Because loving the Qur’an generates a desire to memorize it, so the familiarity between the child and his learning of the Holy Qur’an increases.
2- Ensuring that the child is encouraged, praised for his achievement in memorization, and rewarded; Giving gifts, etc.

3- Stimulating the spirit of competition between him and his peers and colleagues.
4- Choosing the right time to memorize and hifz quran; so that the general atmosphere is suitable for that; Either it is in the early morning, or in the evening, given time; To have fun every now and then.
5- choose the right place; So that it is adequately lit and well ventilated, away from distractions that occupy the child’s mind.
6- Using one edition of the Qur’an at a time, and adopting this edition without changing it. Using the method of transcribing the verses to be memorized in the same way as the Qur’anic drawing.
7- Take care to correct the child’s reading before starting to memorize; So that his memorization is not based on a misreading.
8- The link between memorization and the intended meaning; So that memorization is firmly established in the child’s mind, in addition to linking the similar ones; So that the child can differentiate between them.
9- Too much repetition.
Ensure that children are placed in groups; according to their level of memorization, not necessarily according to age.
10- Activating the dialogue between the child and his teacher in memorizing circles.
11- Sowing the love of heaven through the Holy Qur’an, and a statement that the Qur’an is the way to reach it.

Yes, of course, you can do hifz quran if you keep reading and memorizing it. The successful way to memorize anything is to keep doing it.

If there are teachers who memorize the Noble Qur’an perfectly, then you can actually learn quran onlinee. You can see the teachers’ file from here

Yes, you can take even 3 free classes at the Al-Maher Al-Quran Academy so that you feel that you are progressing and in time you can book with a teacher

after you finish hifz Quran and memorizing it completely, the design team makes aan Ijazah stamped and approved by the Academy and the Sheikh and send it to you to print and use it for anything.

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Advice and guidance for those who want to memorize Quran

  • There are many tips and directions for those who want to hifz quran, including the following: Seeking the help of God Glory be to Him – and having sincere intentions for Him.
  •  enrollment in memorization classes; Because keeping with the group increases enthusiasm and determination.
  • Memorizing with a small amount that is installed and enabled is better than saving a lot without being enabled.
  • Commitment to a daily response of memorization, revision, and recitation according to ability and energy.
  • Begin memorizing from Juz Amma, then blessed, then the one before it according to the order of the Qur’an, and so on.
  • Make sure to read what has been memorized in prayer, especially in the supererogatory ones.
  • Investing virtuous days and months in memorizing the Qur’an, such as Ramadan and Friday; In order to install the preservation, and review it.
  • Choosing the right time to memorize, and this varies from person to person.