Terms Of Use

the following Terms of Service apply when you become a client or a student. Please read the following terms carefully. 

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Terms Of Use

The Student’s Regulations to Attend the lessons of AlMaher Quran Academy for Teaching the Holy Quran

Respectfully, Students…

In order to ensure maximum benefits and achieve the best results in our blessed edifice, we would like to share the following rules and regulations for attending lessons:

Attending classes
The student and the teacher should always be on time, without any delay from both of them, except for emergencies

Decent dress and Prepration
A student or teacher of the Qur’an should respect the time of the Qur’an by being in the best dress to glorify the Qur’an

It is preferable for the student to use his computer or fixed devices to achieve a clear vision and better achieve the expected benefits.

It is also preferable for the student to have a Quran book, a brochure, and a pencil dedicated to the class in order to take notes or mistakes in his homework to review them again.

The administration and support team schedules the classes and takes care of all matters related to the class. It is not the teacher’s job to do that.

Since our services are around the world and we have students from all over the world, we have excellent staff and service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We welcome all student feedback and suggestions and are always at your service.

Contact with the support team is through the WhatsApp group or through
[email protected]

Apologies and Makeup Classes
If the student finds that he cannot attend the class for any reason, he must send a message to the support team at least 6 hours before the start of the lesson and schedule it for another day, except for a sick reason or an emergency.

If the student does not attend without an excuse or an emergency, then he has no right to makeup the class.

If the student is planning to spend a vacation, he must let the support team know beforehand

Punishment of teachers

In cases where the teacher may not attend the class due to a power outage or an emergency situation, in this case a mesaage must be sent from the student to support and the teacher will makeup any lost time

If the teacher is always late or missing classes, please text us immediately

Quality Control

The quality of learning is closely monitored through various procedures such as measuring discipline in attendance, teacher training, student and teacher feedback, daily and monthly progress reports.

Monthly reports

Parents and adult students will receive a monthly report at the end of each academic month. This will provide the opportunity for parents and students to review their academic progress

Rating and feedback

Our quality department will send you a message afterward

Privacy Policy

AlMaher Quran Academy maintains the privacy of students and teachers. All personal information is confidential information that no one has the right to know, copy or use in any way. The WhatsApp group is the official means of communication between the teacher and the support or student and support

Payment policy

Payment must be made after a successful trial lesson and before the start of regular lessons

For automatic monthly subscription: your monthly subscription is automatically renewed (on the day of registration) every month until you or the academy cancel it.

For monthly manual subscription:
The new monthly payment must be paid between the 25th of the current month and the 5th of the new month. Otherwise, classes will be suspended until payment is received.

You will receive an invoice (report) via email or PayPal every four weeks, covering the next four weeks. We require that you send payments promptly because our commitments to our tutors are based on timely payments.

If there were any class hours left from the previous month, your instructor will add them to the next month as compensation.

When you agree on a specific package and want to reduce or provide it, you must inform the support team

Refund policy

If you are not satisfied! Or, if you wish to stop your classes, at the first week only 100% of the classes that were not awarded will be refunded to you. However, a letter must be sent to the support team two days before the cut-off date.

If the number of school hours is not completed in a particular month, you should arrange these missed classes as soon as possible with your teacher to make up for them on other days that are convenient for both of you.

Official holidays

The Messenger of God, may God bless him and grant him peace, said: God gave you better than them on the day of Eid al-Adha and the day of al-Fitr.

Accordingly, we have two main holidays which are Eid Al-Adha holiday which lasts for 5 days and Eid Al Fitr holiday which lasts for 3 days. (Please note that your classes during this break will be a gift to your teacher and will not be compensated if you do not mind this).

Study in the academy only

You are not allowed to study with your teacher outside the academy. (Only in the academy)

Leaving the academy

If the student decides to leave the academy for any reason, please send a messge to the support team two days before the departure date, stating the reason for that.

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