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This Arabic Language course for People who want learning Arabic online for Kids and Adults, our Arabic Language course which has a wide range of subjects that are essential for everyone who wants to learn Arabic.

بِلِسَانٍ عَرَبِيٍّ مُبِينٍ

in the clear Arabic tongue.

Learning Arabic Online

Arabic Language Course

Learning Arabic online Course Structure

in This course, learning Arabic online became easy even If you have no knowledge or have a bit knowledge about the Arabic Language, any age from 3 to 80 Years Old The structure of Arabic Language is as follows:-

Classic Arabic:
One of the most important benefits of the Arabic language is that it Makes its speakers read and understand the Holy Qur’an, as reading and understanding the Qur’an is only in the Arabic language, and this is an honor from God Almighty for the Arabic language, so whoever wants to understand the Holy Qur’an must master the Arabic language.

All non-Arab Muslims should learning Arabic language. So that they can establish their daily prayers, recite the Holy Qur’an, and recite daily Duas, students will learn Standard Arabic. When students learn Standard Arabic, they will be able to communicate with any Arabic-speaking person from any different Arab country who understands Islam deeply.

Arabic Slang:

Egyptian slang are the most common in the Arab world dialect. This course is best for those who want to speak colloquial or want to travel to Arabic speaking countries. Our Egyptian teachers will teach you in this course learning Arabic oline in Slang, because they have a great ability to teach Egyptian Arabic perfectly because it is already their language that they speak on a daily basis and because they live in Egypt.

Arabic For Kids:

learning Arabic online for kids is the best way, Young learners begin by learning the alphabet Arabic, and then learn speaking Arabic through situations that related to their age. and The Teachers give them stories and interesting puzzles that talk about important topics like: ​colors, numbers, food ..etc.

Advanced Arabic:

The Advanced Arabic Course involves several sciences, writing الكتابة, grammar (نحو), reading قراءة, morphology صرف, poetry عروض, and rhetoric بلاغة ..etc. If you want to become in advanced level in Reading and Writing the Arabic language, for Sure you need Advanced Arabic course. This course is best for college or High school students who have experience in Arabic and want to study Arabic deeply.

When learning a new language, the order of acquisition is generally this, for both second language learners and children learning their first language:

Listening: The Student listens to the new Words (I, word, etc.)
Speaking: The Student tries to repeat the new words.
Reading: The Student sees the new item in written form.
Writing: The Student tries to write the words step by step.

Arabic Course Skills

learning Arabic online

You can’t build a house without strong Basics “okay, so if you want the house to stay upright in all weather!.
Similarly, you will not be a perfect speaker of any language without building upon the four foundations of language learning.

Once you have mastered these four skills, you can defensibly say that you have fluency in this language.

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The importance of the Arabic language

The Arabic language has many advantages, but what has given it the greatest importance is its connection with the Islamic religion that was revealed in this language. The following is a mention of the importance of the Arabic language in general, and the importance is given to it when the Holy Qur’an was revealed:-
The connection of the Arabic language with the revelation of the Qur’an that came to all people.
Practicing the rites of Islam is only in the Arabic language.
Preserving the Arabic language is preserving religion.
The full statement of a written text can only be in the Arabic language, and that is why the Holy Qur’an was not revealed except in it.
Continuously speaking the Arabic language positively affects the mind, religion, and morals.
Ignorance of the Arabic language is one of the causes of deviation from the true religion.
The Arabic language is an ancient, fixed, and historically well-established language.

The language of the Holy Quran

It suffices in honor for the speaker of the Arabic language or its learner that the Qur’an was revealed in it. There are hadiths reported from the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, that the Arabic language will be the language of the people of Paradise, so every Muslim must learn it because it is completely linked to the Holy Qur’an.

Communication and conversation
The Arabic language is the official and mother language in all Arab countries, and thus learning it helps to communicate with all Arabs of different nationalities, and given the presence of many dialects in the Arab countries, the use of Standard Arabic helps to remove any misunderstanding that may occur during dialogue and communication.

jurisprudence “Fiqh” rules
One of the great benefits of learning the Arabic language is the ability to understand Islamic jurisprudence.

Learning other languages
A comparative study conducted by a British university indicated that individuals who master the grammar of their mother tongue are more able and able to learn other foreign languages, and this is considered one of the great benefits in our time, where all parents want to teach their children more than language, and in particular English language, then they must first master the mother tongue to be able to learn other languages.

Teachers From AlAzhar University

Choosing a distinguished and experienced teacher saves you a great effort because he follows the best methods and curricula that can make the learning process easy, smooth and quick to understand. Therefore, the Academy for AlMaher bl Quran provides a staff of teachers who are graduates of Al-Azhar University who are familiar with all the sciences of the Quran like learning Arabic online and have great experience in the field of teaching foreigners. remotely, so we are the best choice for you now.

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