Zubair Ibn Awwam ra The Bodyguard of Rasulullah PBUH

Zubair Ibn Awwam
Zubair Ibn Awwam

Zubair Ibn Awwam

No success you can achieve without great struggle. Reading true motivational stories will build high motivation in you. This great short motivational story with morals is one of the inspirational stories that can inspire you to be a strong man. I don’t intend to encourage you to be a warrior, but having a great spirit in the struggle of achieving your dream is a great idea.

It was recorded in the hadith in the book of AL Bukhari that Rasulullah said, “Each Prophet has a knight/hero, and my knight/hero is Zubair.” Rasulullah PBUH said that after Zubair succeeded twice infiltrating into the Jews’ dwellers alone and spied on everything inside. We can’t imagine how he did it, how he snaked inside it without being seen by people there as though he was an invisible man. It was a very intelligent skill, wasn’t it? So that is why Rasuloollah made him His knight/hero.
Zubair was very skillful in fighting, his bravery was far above normal. Umar Ibn Khattab and Ali Ibn Abi Thalib who were famous for their strength and their braveness also acknowledged Zubair’s strength and braveness. Umar RA said that Zubair was one of four sahabah their every strength was the same as 1000 people. While Ali ra said, “Zubair was the bravest man.”

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Zubair always brought two swords, one in his right hand and another in his left hand. He also used to bring a spear with pointed tips on both sides. He used this spear just when he fought against a strong enemy.

He used to be in front of the Muslim troops, not in the first row. When the Muslim troops and the Kafir troops faced each other before the commander declared the war, Zubair came closer the the Kafir troops and showed off his skill of fighting in front of them: Jumped his horse, played with his swords by swaying them, twisted and swung his spear and his sword to the commander of Kafir. If anyone of the Kafir troops came to him, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill him

Once the Takbir declared as the sign that the war began, Zubair directly moved forward to the Kafir troops and swang his swords. While the Muslim troops were still running forward, Zubair had already been in the mid of Kafir troops fighting.

Such attraction disturbed the mentality of the Kafir troops and they became not confident anymore. Their focus was not on how to face the Muslim troops anymore, even some of them left their position, and broke the troops’ formation. Thus, Muslim troops could easily fight them. Zubair ran from the front row to the back row of the Kafir troops swinging his swords killing his enemy around him. He ran forward and backward killing them.

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The prophet’s companions said that the main power of Muslim troops in three of them, those are Zubair, Hamzah, and Ali ra.

It was recorded that Zubair always used to be well dressed though he was a fighter, even at war. Jibril used to take on the form of humans when he appeared to Rasulullah PBUH. And Gibril would only take on the form of Zubair and Dihyah AL Kalbi, the most handsome Sahabat in Madinah.

I hope you’re inspired by these inspirational short stories about the life great warrior. I hope you can build confidence in yourself after reading this story on self-confidence. This story is one of the really true motivational stories.

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